who we are


Central Coast Hapkido is the regional branch of the Australian Hapkido Association which provides quality martial arts training recognised nationally and internationally.

The club has had a full time training center on the Central Coast for twenty five years. During this time we have eared a reputation within the industry for the technical standard of our students as well as their attitude and enthusiasm.

Wyong Hapkido is a full-time martial arts centre in Tuggerah, servicing people throughout the Central Coast.

Our expert instructors have years of experience in practising and teaching the Korean art of self-defence, Hapkido, with people of all ages and levels.

So whether you’re a beginner looking for some self-defence tips, or you need private training to polish up your technique for a competition, our professional team can help.

Experienced martial arts instructors in Tuggerah

At Wyong Hapkido, we’re passionate about self-defence.
When you know you have the ability to defend yourself in most situations, you can go about your life with more confidence and happiness. We don’t promote fighting or unnecessary aggression, but it’s good to know that you have the power to protect yourself or others if they needed your assistance.
With hapkido, you can have that confidence.

Our instructors and black belts

Over the years, our instructors have passed on their hapkido and martial arts wisdom to people throughout the Central Coast, producing many black belts along the way.

Our current instructors and black belts include:

  • Master Ron Rees
  • Mary White
  • Melissa Rees
  • Michael Little
  • Kelly Feetam (who also teaches Taekwondo)
  • Chris Kastelan
  • Reimer Ganzevoort
  • Shane Cutland
  • Stephanie Marks

meet the team

Ron Rees

Chief Instructor
5th Dan

Ron has been training in Hapkido for over 40 years. He has been the senior instructor for the Wyong area for over 25 years. He has also trained in Judo and Arnis. He is currently Vice President of the Hapkido Association.

Melissa Rees

2nd Dan

Melissa Rees has been doing Hapkido for about 30 years. As well as teaching, Melissa acts as Treasurer and Membership officer for the Australian Hapkido Association.

Shaun Baxter

2nd Dan

Shaun has many years Hapkido experience including running his own club. He is also a qualified fitness instructor and masseur.

Shane Cutland

2nd Dan

Shane has been training in Hapkido for 18 years, he is an excellent kicker and has precise technique.

Stephanie Biviano

1st Dan

As well as being a dynamic martial artist with a list of Tournament accomplishments as long as your arm, Stephanie is also a stunt woman with many dynamic skills.

Karla Zuluaga

1st Dan

Karla is an outstanding technician and a skilled instructor with great interpersonal skills. Karla has trained and instructed while gaining a great list of university degrees.

Cody Lewis

1st Dan

Cody is an excellent technician who has a great mind and deep knowledge. Cody can be held up as an excellent example both technically and personally.

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